This section describes the nature of errors you might encounter while interacting with the API.

The Terminal Shipping API is RESTful so we use standard HTTP codes to let your server know if a request was successful or not.

Error Sample

Error Codes

  • 200 - Request was successful and action was carried out as expected.

  • 400 - An error occurred while executing request. When a 400 status code is sent, we always include a message parameter in the response which provides a description of the error.

  • 401 - Unauthorised request. This status code is sent when an invalid or expired access token is used in a request. See authentication section for a description of how to include access tokens in request.

  • 404 - This status code is sent when an invalid endpoint is accessed. Verify that the endpoint you have is one of the provided endpoints in our reference.

  • 500, 501, 502, 503, 504 - This indicates an error processing the request from TShip, possibly due to server downtime or unavailability. Please contact a member of our support team if you receive this status code.

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